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Super Consistency

Passing through a wide stretch of highway out West, you begin to notice something significant along the dry, and often dusty road. While the views are spacious and seemingly wide open, the vision is quietly narrowed by the purposeful. On either side are a stretch of poles. Telephone poles.

Telephone poles, as designated by its designer has one thing in mind in terms of purpose. To carry the transmission of communication from one area or region unto another. Kind of simple, I know. But then, conventional wisdom always is.

But more so , if you stopped off on the side of the road you may enjoy another common feature that’s also significant. That is, they are all in alignment with each other. I mean, on a parch-driven land where few travel to take in such wonder. Why should it matter? As long as they’re out there, should they be absolutely in line?

Seems the designer had a business and leadership principle in mind. Even in the midst of a difficult environment. Every purposeful idea is built around or through a set of irrational or difficult restraints.

Clarity or vision, is being able to see each carrier in alignment with one another, conveying communication. And that is what is known as impact. Impact comes from something as informal as a telephone pole doing a formal job of carrying communication to the next point of contact.

Where you lead today in your homes, marketplace, or ministry should carry the same consistency. Despite the environment from which you have to work. There should be no interruptions in communicating your principles. Your vision. Clarity can be provided from one person to another – given that the flow is in alignment.

If (customer) service ever breaks down, or communication (servant leadership) ever gets disrupted. Go check out where there’s a break and seek to repair and restore. This will ensure that the vision remains a joy to behold whenever someone decides to see the road as you do.

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