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Failure is not final. In fact, failure that’s forward is quite productive.

Now certainly we wouldn’t want to write a story that describes “how to be the best failure ever” and then have pictures to illustrate. But when we know the end isn’t in the failing we get a different perspective, and that is, with each failure comes a starting line.

Today’s story depicts the certain knowings of how when you or I had previously fallen, due to addiction or unevaluated choices; we either got up from it, or got under it, or lay next to it depending on our perspective.

So for the good of it I can share the story of one of the men close to the ministry of having struggled for nearly 2 decades with addiction, never remaining sober more than 6 hours. 

But when the thought came in that it had quickly been 6 months of sobriety, the mood, the persistance, the outlook, all began to change.

In retrospect it could be valuable to say that each time was afailing forward to get where he has arrived today. Or, he could look back and now discover that had he not failed, he not have moved forward as he could have lain next to it, or be so overwhelmed that he just was ‘under it’ and used it for victimstance purposes to have others enable and empathize.

This has promptly promoted an opportunity to lead others who also struggle with the same type of failures. In doing so, his ability to relate to the frustration and powerlessness that comes with failing again and again is now affording open doors to talk about struggle and give freedom to others by helping people in the seeing what is possibly forward for them also.

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