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Embracing the Father’s Compassion: Surrendering to God’s Full Rights

In the quiet hours of the morning, when the world is still waking, there’s a unique opportunity to reflect on the deep, fatherly compassion that God has for us. It’s in these moments that we realize, and often find ourselves in a place of weakness, indefiniteness, instability, and uncertainty. It’s in these moments that we recognize a dividedness in our lives, a dividedness in our own souls. Why? Because there are other interests and considerations vying for our attention, leading us away from surrendering completely to God’s full rights. This sort of segregation shows up in so many ways, including our home life, where we hold power, authority, and influence but may not be standing one hundred percent for the Lord’s interests.

Life is an ongoing battle, and being weak and uncertain is a characteristic of being human. We can often feel aimless and uncertain about our life’s course of where it’s taking us and how I feel about my certain transition through it, and contending with this battle frequently results from our divided selves. God longs for us to submit our will and desires to His perfect plan so that He might exercise all of His rights in our lives. (Giving up is a show of faith and trust in the one who is aware of what is best for us, not a sign of weakness.)

There are various ways to dissociate. We won’t always represent the Lord’s interests in our family lives, even though we are supposed to be leaders and influencers. And again, this battle can show up in our lives when we find it difficult to reconcile our religious beliefs with other material worries. We all, struggle to survive anywhere we are not living up to our identity or role. When we lead divided lives, it not only affects our relationship with God but also our relationships with others. Our family, friends, and colleagues may not see the true light of Christ shining through us because of our dividedness.

Steps To Winning:
– Prayer: Start your day with prayer, seeking God’s guidance and strength to surrender your life entirely to Him.
– Introspection: Reflect on the areas of your life where you find division and identify steps to align with God’s will.
– Accountability: Seek support from fellow believers or a mentor who can help you stay on track in your journey to unity.

So in conclusion we find that in the quiet of the day God understands our human struggles and our dividedness. He longs for us to surrender to His full rights, so that we may experience the unity and wholeness that comes from living lined up with His will. As we navigate our home lives, our personal lives, and our relationships, let’s remember that this life of transition involves embracing God’s compassion, and that we can overcome our disconnectedness.

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