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Critical Moments Require Attention

What if you were being defined by your worst mistake?

You'll need transitional housing related services designed to prevent the risk of return

60% of those leaving jail whose destination is homeless could be re-arrested in 1st year

Our Story of

Reconciling The Disconnected

This agency was founded in 2013, in response to the large number of men coming out of the local jails with nowhere to go, and no one to be able to ask for help.

With the passing of the Director’s wife, (for which this Ministry derives its name) it was out of her death that the organization can give life to many.

That’s why we believe men who’ve been released from corrective programs and those chronically homeless in the Greater Gwinnett area, should be served with a Transitional Housing Service program which gives resourceful information, assistive counseling, and can offer men emergency and long-term housing if needed.

We believe that people can effectively achieve more together rather than strive to transition alone. We’re in the community to provide those navigating the struggles – with an affordable opportunity to live and transition in a warm, friendly, family setting.

Because we care enough to hear your story, we know that that matters more than anything in times of distress. Each of us having been given a 2nd chance through our own hardship, have set out to give others a second chance as well.

With each request we work hard to rescue the troubles from people’s possession with resourceful information, and if available at the time, transitional housing.

In no way are we problem solvers, even though the urgency requires dire help, but choose rather to be solution providers. 

Now we know that there is a great gap between mistrust for agencies and sustainability, and that’s why we believe that relationships take time to build without judgment, which is exactly what you’ll find when you contact us.

What we offer

Safe, supportive environment filled with help and answers


Request Help Services

Accomodate your story

Every crisis requires a unique mold. Call us (678) 752-8731 to explain how we can reach out to you.

Solutions/ Resources

Prevention/ intervention tools

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make when you call or email.

Transformational Housing

Aspire to something greater
Long term, Daily Accountability groups require a face to face meeting prior to Intake. Call or schedule an appointment for availability.

Recent Experiences

I landed at the Bus station in Atlanta with $15 in his pocket and no place to go. “I was living on the street before coming to Judy House”. He credits Judy House Ministry with giving him a home, friends who care for him, and a hope for the future.


• Thanks to the Gwinnett County Detention Center’s focus on reentry, Ronnie learned about Judy House and was accepted as a resident. “I’m not one of 20 people crammed together on cots. It’s not a center, it’s a home. When I came here, I came home”.


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