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Judy House Ministry, as a 501c3 charitable organization exists to be a place of provision and answers for those seeking assistance when not knowing where to turn in times of homelessness or crisis.

A model of care that makes the other person the most important part of the conversation, so we give relational support, tools, and hope to get people through their transitional process together.

All this is done in a scope of services by providing housing, help request information, and Biblical counseling. It’s why we believe in being actively present in the community so we can provide those navigating their struggles with an affordable opportunity to live and transition in a warm, friendly, family setting.

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Contact us at (678) 752-8731 or email info@judyhouse.org

Allow up to 24 hours because of volume. Or you can fill out our application.


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Emergency Housing —Just being off the streets for a night is helpful to many. (Please call for availability). Men will receive a safe, clean, quiet place for overnight accommodations. They’ll receive fresh hot meals, shower, clean linens, and resource counseling. Resource Counseling —Whether you choose to stay at our place we’ll always offer the best possible counsel to resourceful information and guidance to suitable housing possibilities for […]


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About Us

  What does the concept of transition look like? For the average person, it means to do whatever it takes to make it. With all our effort. Often embarrassed to admit our critical situation to others creates a pocket of stress untold. In moments when I’m feeling most isolated, displaced with pain or even a bit reminded that I’m out of place somewhat, I am […]


All the resources below have a specific subject for you to investigate. Each will open into a separate pdf that opens into a new tab, giving direct website links and phone numbers. Judy House Ministry Resources Criminal History Info Felon Friendly Jobs First Offender Info Copy Criminal Record Get a Pardon Record Restriction Recovery Residences Job Search with Felony First Steps Re-Housing Homeless Shelters Transitional […]

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In Relation to the Rest

Imagination can shape the world around us, bridging a whole universe of systems that can work for us and then become a source of avenue and revenue. However, putting imagination past the fence of our mind can take some real undoing. Taking charge because you feel helpless requires plan and discipline. You are exactly where you are, because of you. So start playing the hand […]

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It’s a Matter of Time

James much like all of us, find ourselves disconnected with what we thought life might bring us. The desire to have a bright future was sidelined by the peer pressures around us. His road to sustainability began with a downward turn from being involved with Meth; a hard to shake narcotic which causes us to lose families, jobs, and opportunity. Nearly half his life used […]

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Hidden for Now

Due to budget constraints and lack of funding, many shelter environments are squeezing out a family at risk due to eligibility requirements Richard Schweid explains in this article how challenging it’s become on families on the move toward support. The history behind us always should be used as a catalyst toward more promising hope. Homeless in Gwinnett County are for the most part hidden and […]

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