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A place of provision and answers in times of homelessness or crisis.  For general information,

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  Help is a process. Not just an act…    

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Our Program

 Our mission of “Reconciling the Disconnected” is far more reaching than simply providing a temporary shelter from the cold or rain. Transformational Housing Program and Outreach “Assessing the dynamics involved is complex” describes Paul, the Ministry’s program manager who strives to identify some of the factors that lead to being disconnected. Potentially those such as “influences to make poor decisions, and excessive use of drugs, […]


  Is this a Men’s shelter? No, unfortunately we’re not. We will help shelter someone from the elements if space is available. There are No shelters currently in Gwinnett, but call us and see if we can help with information on other options available. What are the Requirements? Some of the basic requirements are to have a current GA ID, be 30 days clean and sober, […]

About Us

Within days of his wife’s death in March of 2013, Dan Capobianco had an idea. With his Lawrenceville home empty without her laughter, he would fill it with people in need. While providing them a house to live in, he might again experience joy in his own life. Teaming up with two other men, Dan launched Judy House Ministry, a Bible-based program named for his […]


All the resources below have a specific subject for you to investigate. Each will open into a separate pdf that opens into a new tab, giving direct website links and phone numbers. Judy House Ministry Resources Criminal History Info Felon Friendly Jobs First Offender Info Copy Criminal Record Get a Pardon Record Restriction Recovery Residences Job Search with Felony First Steps Re-Housing Homeless Shelters Transitional […]



 Help is a process. Not just an act…



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