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critical moments demand attention

What if you were always being defined by your worst mistake?

You might find it tough to navigate without some assistance. Judy House Ministry is making it easy and accesible to find help and hope in a time of crisis.
True fact, 60% of those leaving jail whose destination is homeless, could easily be re-arrested within the 1st year. That kind of high risk allows us to make an impact to help people reintegrate.

Our Story of

Reconciling The Disconnected

Welcome to this great organization that provides support to men who are rejoining society after serving time in jail. Our journey started when the director of the organization encountered a personal loss as his wife passed on. Since then, we have expanded our passion for all those (men and women) experiencing crises. Such as providing counseling, valuable information, and affordable housing options to all who are in dire need of help. We believe in the power of working together and building strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We empathize with people going through tough times and understand the importance of listening carefully. We hope to give back to the community by giving others the second chance they deserve. We welcome you to contact us anytime you need help. Thanks for believing in our mission and choosing to support our work.

What we offer

A safe, and stimulating place with plenty of resources


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Recent Experiences

I landed at the Bus station in Atlanta with $15 in his pocket and no place to go. “I was living on the street before coming to Judy House”. He credits Judy House Ministry with giving him a home, friends who care for him, and a hope for the future.


Thanks to the Gwinnett County Detention Center’s focus on reentry, Ronnie learned about Judy House and was accepted as a resident. “I’m not one of 20 people crammed together on cots. It’s not a center, it’s a home. When I came here, I came home”.


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