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Break Bread. Blur Boundaries.

provide one. or you can Prepare and serve

Have an interest to meet new people over Dinner and conversation?

Would you say you’re bold enough to break bread in a new environment?

Want to learn an exciting career in blurring boundaries and possibly get involved as a Mentor?

If you answered Yes to any of the these, consider engaging in Dinner and Devotions at Judy House. A rich opportunity to embrace new perspective, family, laughter, and great conversations.

Not many of us can find enjoyment sitting down to those outside our circle of comfort. But  this is a chance for anyone to prepare, provide, or serve up a meal with us on any night. Nothing better than good food and good conversation. Dinner and Devotion ushers in a community of learning. 

A rich, occasion to embrace new perspective as you will realize this house is actually no different than any other. It’s just filled with hungry men (physically and spiritually).

This rich experience is a chance for people to be supportive of the ministry in terms of time, talent, or treasure. Serving and mentoring go a long way to ensure men remain committed in moving forward.

For thousands of years, the common meal has been used to experience culture, learn perspective, and engage conversation. Start thinking about how something so simple can have such an impact.

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