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If You’re the Only

There’s a phrase that states that if you had the only Hot Dog stand in town, the hot dogs didn’t have to be all that good.

Don’t you sometimes feel that leadership or influence around you can be just like that Hot Dog stand? You felt as if you’ve been taken captive. You’ve probably found many examples like this around you, are really less than good.

Remember, you don’t have to be in charge, to take charge. All of us have influence with someone else. In the marketplace. In your family and household. Somewhere in the community.

Maybe it’s how you present your product. Or your faith. Your integrity, or beliefs. It’s all influence. To easily define leadership, we say it’s nothing more than influence. It’s not charisma or being the smartest person in the room. It solely comes down to one word… influence.

Now let’s suppose you were the only influence stand in town? Do you just have to – not be good?

Is what you’re proposing today in the marketplace, is it the very best? And about you’re teaching today. Is it the very best quality? Ask yourself –  how well are you leading your family or your team, and if it’s the best thing in town today?

Positional leadership only states that you’re in charge, and you can easily hold people captive under your charge and give them no options.  But keep in mind, they may go away to somewhere else and never come back.

Leadership. Your leadership. Should serve something altogether captivating. Creating appetite. Creating hunger. So today expand your menu of influence with some real options, and you may soon find yourself franchising.

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