Support our cause today.

Participating is half the fun of generating energy to make it the best.

With extended openings, you can take an active part and your commitment can make the biggest difference in the life of another.

One way of being an active member is by sponsoring a man, or even two in transition.ready to serve

With monetary ways and amounts you can commit to monthly, weekly, or even bi-annually there are also other ways to donate.

Being a mentor is invaluable. Who doesn’t want a cup of coffee and a conversation? Men can get more enjoyment out of meeting someone new and sharing their own life story.

You could perhaps feel more comfortable donating some paper towels, or some toiletries. See our needs list for more items.

We do afford a lot of transient men who are often hungry,or need ID’s and bus tickets. Many times they just need a fresh, clean towel, a warm, dry bed, and some deodorant.

As an active participant, you’re helping us to become an effective brand as a help-desk for this community you already enjoy so much.

Contact us today for more information (678) 752-8731 on how you’ve decided what we can do for your community. Again, if you only give once a month, next time think of us.

Contact Judy House for availability on how to mentor, volunteer, or donate your skill today.



Communities are Partner-Driven

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