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If you want to experience God. Go where He is and help out.
If it’s a company with great potential and an admirable mission that God would want, apply to it. Is someone feeding the hungry nearby? Go and help them.

Are there struggling kids in an under sourced school? Go and be a Mentor.
Is there a widow on your street? Go and cut her grass.

If there’s a way you can take your unique skill set and serve others, go and experience where you’re led.

We would love for you to be a part of this, but want you to give… because you were lead to lean in on what matters most.


Give to Emergency Response Today. Text the word 'transition' to 53555

Their success begins with your support!

chasing goals and dreams


Can cover the costs of responding to the 40 - 60 calls that are received each month from those in crisis and can make hope seem attainable.


Furnishes those in need of Identification cards, and basic toiletries. Having a few simple things can give real significance.


Provides for an Indigent bed space. Due to the needs that are required to cover room and board costs of transitional housing, your gift can alleviate the stress.

60% of those leaving jail with no home address will be re-arrested within first year.

Did you know? One out of every 13 adults in the State of Georgia is under Community Supervision? This means for those who struggle, and cycle in and out of the jail system, there’s a need for ID’s, basic toiletries, and medicines. Now that you know this, can you help?

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