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Why Model a Model?

Mediocre ideas, people, or models rarely impress us.
In our consumerist culture the onslaught of the latest working model of everything is on display daily for the taking in. Periodically amidst the relentless, we find a culture of discipline that impresses upon us to know that the work, the product, the values and beliefs that go into that model are what is termed as “authentic”.
It’s not just enough to say it. Or to say ‘we have it’, solely for the purposes of selling product or integrity. Good ideas aren’t just something nice to look at. Rather, they are something to take notice of, and watch.
The best models show us what really goes into a great product. That is: disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and who take disciplined action, can be seen as the principle that relays the inner beauty unto an outward greatness.
So, if you’re the type of person who has a ‘starting line’ mentality. One who is always striving to get better and to do better each day. Perhaps the disciplined feature described above reaches a more than average or mediocre model.
Whatever position in life you’ve become. Let’s say, a church leader, a university president, a nonprofit leader, a hospital CEO, or a school teacher. Does your approach require you to demand results? Must you be the one, who has to make a long lasting or outstanding work? Is it your responsibility to improve the parameters of your schooling or education? To fearlessly lead in a place of uncertainty?
Maybe it’s not your duty or responsibility, but you do have the critical distinction to have to carry the “language of business” today in your home, a place of business, or somewhere in the community. To be a great model requires concious choice and the discipline to get that idea or a work out there so that others can’t wait to see when it does finally come out on stage.

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