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Personalized Transition

In an age in which we need to find emergency services when homeless, some agencies can’t shelter every situation. Our  business is to prevent the risk of return. 

Our Mission

Reconciling the Disconnected. To provide effective programs based on our core values  and sensitivity to those facing challenges in being disconnected from social, and transitional housing services due to homelessness and incarceration.

Our Vision

Building houses that become home. Through relationships and housing we can help link and reconnect people to vital relationships with God, their families, jobs, and a vibrant community of providers.

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What We Do

We really just have a heart passion to see people connected to something rather than nothing.

Request Help Services

Making available the right information and provisional help to get men and women connected to answers, solutions, and a path to sustainability. To provide phone help, updated knowledge, and web information. Partnerships with other agencies, and new services around, can serve your immediate needs.

Transformational Housing

Safe housing that is capable of preventing and deterring the possibility of recidivism for men. Expectations are what you make of it. Internal Assessments will be used to judge whether the client is growing consistently from crisis to stable or onto self-sustaining. Daily accountability is mandatory.

Need a Break?

If you have been in transition before, you get it. We all need a break from routine, and not feel worn out like the constant traffic in this video. 

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If you need help for a loved one, family member or friend.

Did You Know?

It is illegal to be homeless in Gwinnett county? Help those who hold a sign, by giving to organizations that can give conversation and resource and make that 5-dollar bill absolutely go to better use.

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