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Our model of personalized transition

Our ministry is confident in our ability to provide reliable solutions to homelessness, even in emergency situations. While some organizations may struggle to meet every need, we prioritize the most fundamental aspect of ending homelessness: eliminating the risk of returning to that position. Our mission is focused and targeted, and we are confident that we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our Mission

Reconciling the Disconnected“.

 To deliver successful programs that are grounded in our basic principles and consideration of individuals who are experiencing difficulties in accessing common social services and transitional housing as a result of homelessness or incarceration.

Our Vision

Building houses that become home“.

We can assist in establishing and reestablishing people’s essential connections to God, their families, their careers, and a thriving community through relationships and housing.

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What We Do

We really just have a heart passion to see people connected to something rather than nothing.

Request Help Services

Offering men and women facing a housing crisis, and having the necessary skills and kind intention to help individuals find solutions and a sustainable path; providing phone support, up-to-date information, and internet resources. Let’s solve your requests through services and partnerships we can agree with.

Transformational Housing

Safe housing has the power to stop and discourage men from relapse and recidivism, however expectations are what you make of them. Here, internal assessments will be used to judge whether the client is growing consistently from crisis to self-sustaining. Daily accountability for this program is mandatory.

Need a break from the facility life?

If you have been in a transition program before, you get this video loop. We all need a break from what seems routine. To finally feel like we’re living, and not just worn out like constant foot traffic. 

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If you need help for a loved one, family member or friend.

Did You Know?

It is illegal to be homeless in Gwinnett county? Help those who hold a cardboard sign, by giving to organizations that canactually give conversation and resource – and make that 5-dollar bill absolutely go to better use.

Agencies that help us make the difference

Greater Gwinnett Reentry

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