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Transformational Housing

Safe House Accountability Program

Essential, Close-Knit Household

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You should anticipate a warm, interactive home that radiates with laughter, where family and friends gather around the dinner table. Shared meals, heartfelt conversations, devotions, and communal activities create an inviting atmosphere that nurtures bonds and fosters a sense of belonging.

Before you enroll, we will discuss the admissions costs and, if necessary, schedule interviews. Please give us a call at any time to check the availability.

“When you come here, you can feel that you’ve come home,” was a statement of a former graduate of the program.

“When you consider that we are all responsible for one another and that I now have to talk honestly where I didn’t have to before I arrived, this program is much harder than it first seems.” Another graduate continues.

“The toughest part is being held to expectations that I set up that pushed me to that good place where I am today, especially spiritually.”

You can't go it alone. You gotta have others in your life. I know I've done this too many times and need to get back with my family.
current resident
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