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Transformational Housing

Safe House Accountability Program

Essential, Close-Knit Household

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More than just the Mascot awaits you. Sustainability means more than getting back on your feet. You could also become involved in the life of others who also are quite supportive as they transition alongside you.

(2) personal interview screenings required, along with admissions fees will be discussed prior to entrance. Please always call on availability.

“When you come here, you can feel that you’ve come home,” was a statement of a former graduate of the program.

“This program is a lot tougher than it appears when you take into account being accountable to each other, and having to openly communicate where I didn’t have to before.” He continues.

“The toughest part is being held to expectations that I set up that pushed me to that good place where I am today, especially spiritually.”

You can't go it alone. You gotta have others in your life. I know I've done this too many times and need to get back with my family.
current resident
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