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What’s It Cost?

The value of a thing is always determined by a price it’ll bring

Andy Stanley


I think for all of us, when we investigate the numerous “➕ Programs” that are so prevalent amongst us, from how we watch TV to how and where and the way in which we travel and everything in between. Nearly everyone offers some type of upgrade program that states that with more money invested the deliverables will look like  ______________???.

We each secretly hope that whatever the fill-in-the-blank decision will be – should make my life, and your life so much the richer. Yes? Even transitional and recovery programs can offer some extra benefits for a price.

But what about the deliverables? What do they look like? and how do I know I’m really getting them? What are the measurables for any transaction to be above board? The first two words that come to my mind are, Integrity and Cost. These 2 words should carry some weight in accordance with either the mission or vision of a person, organization, or a community.

Integrity is a personal decision for good. We all at some point each day make tough decisions in which to apply integrity in a pressure-filled moment. We also face the same equation when tasked with doing what is right when it will cost you the most.

Each of us knows the simple rule that integrity is to do the right thing when no one else is around, or when no one else is looking. However, the greatest value, or highest value of integrity is always calculated based on what it cost.                                         

When something costs you, it is tremendously valuable. Because we all know that when something is just given to us, it can become “mere”. Its value expendable. Being a member on a Nonprofit Board can carry the same weight in which you and I are given charge in something for which we’re stewards of.

This role can easily slip into a position in which no one is looking, and integrity doesn’t matter much. So long as it looks good. Certainly, we are assured God Himself is looking at the motive and intent of each of our hearts (Jer. 17:9-10). An outward “dress for success” look resembles more of a mixture of culture and class than anything else.

Spiritual worship consists of love, courage, and sacrifice. Which is really needed to our view towards 3rd Base (as on our Illustration). Duty on the other hand, requires time and effort in carrying out the integrity to accomplish the mission for which we each have set out for. (Consider David and his mighty men as example)

Compromise in anything is like a breach. So, to look at our commitment to maintain positions, (Board, employment, family, etc.) as if like a contract this term breach can show up for any of us in areas such as Money, Recognition, Pleasure, and Liberty.

Knowing our value helps us helps us stay true to ourselves. For value gives us a moral compass and guide to move forward as a ministry, and you as a minister and the charge you’re given. Moving forward in this thought we can see the need for all of us to be prayerful and watch.


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