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Unity in Diversity

Is Hope a Runaway Success?

To say that oneness is indivisible is perhaps what the Creator had in mind in the beginning. God certainly did not want mankind to be alone. While all our worldviews nowadays may not align, this one truth (indivisible) shows how we cannot just divorce ourselves from the traditional consistencies that make our local area uniquely diverse.

Whether describing a family, school, or a church these institutions clearly hold a solemn for being inseperable in purpose. Roger Ebert once said “If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must regard their beliefs with the same respect our own deserve”. In this post pandemic era we are unearthing many customizabled views. In fact after spending some time being locked down, we all sort of became experts in many things we knew nothing about prior to.

The items that never once interested us, have now become fair game for our intelligence; even fuel for our influence. And now we specifically would like everyone to hear exactly how a solution should remedy, and benefit those around us.

With growth comes complexity in any given format. Certain models or institutions are built to last – such as those mentioned in the family, church, and school. For example, in any school there is a transition from what ‘you know’ in the lower end, (elementary) to what ‘you think’ in the higher education realm. This type of growth, again creates complexity. In this instance, it’s up to each student and faculty member then to have to bring clarity out of complexity.

So is it impossible for certain social units of a society to actually become divided? More so what is it that divides, except the word “divide” itself?

Now if we painted the word HOPE on the wall nearby and spent time each day gazing at the phrase, will that be enough to create hope in our life? If that becomes true; that the actions of the gazing should follow. We must then begin to believe that our vision of hope would soon be played out in our activity in the community.

In serving customers and clients, the bottom line is obvious. That much we can be unified in. But when we start serving those with different views, different perspectives, or beliefs then the diversity exposes the divisibility. But if blurring some boundaries can keep us unified, is that the same as staring at the HOPE sign?

Certainly lots of questions are being raised with all sorts of topics and off-the-cuff arguments. So how do we celebrate the moments when we ourselves are uncertain? To return to the original thought, the one idea of indivisibility doesn’t make us, our family, school, or church automatically unified, but then again, maybe focusing on hope, and the need to have others of differing beliefs and perspectives in our lives will afford us a vision of unalterable change based on what the Creator did have in mind in the beginning.


You know, it’s one thing to think about helping another, it’s another to actually act.

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