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Navigating the Unknown

I would like to think that most of us when traveling have no intention of purposely getting lost. However, it happens. While we’re never really certain at what specific point we actually got lost, it’d be nice to be able to re-trace our steps to that exact spot so we can describe a lost position…. a not lost position. Lost. Not lost.

In most cases when traveling to new or uncertain locations, we use our GPS to help us navigate. Mainly, so that we can avoid the above-described incident from happening. When we do pull up our destination, we’re immediately met with some various routes available.

Such a nice feature, by the way. But, if I’m unfamiliar with the area, this user interface doesn’t do seem to do me a whole lot of good – and so I have to rely on the workings of a device that believes it knows the way, better than I.

I think us men are very good at altering the process a little with our shortcuts, and a bit of “know-it-all” added in. These internal capabilities that we have, sure help us out to actually arrive in an “I’m unsure” position en route to wherever we’re initially headed.

Again, I don’t feel this is our intention. And of course, most guys (and some ladies) will not stop when they realize they’re lost and ask for directions. In fact, we just drive faster. That’s our solution. Why? Well, because we’re embarrassed and we don’t want to admit it.

You get this. Listen, in terms of transitioning through life, we can apply the same teaching from the above sentences to describe maybe how we got to where we currently are in life. It wasn’t the intended destination, nevertheless. And to some, we just say “we’re back“. Perhaps for the remainder, this is “why” we keep on traveling.

Life has a way of throwing us unexpected challenges and uncertainties that can leave us lost. Overwhelmed. Unsure of what lies ahead. If you’re finding yourself in the midst of a crisis, where the present is unclear and the future feels uncertain, know that you’re not alone.
Over the next few blogs, I’d like to invite you to come along and let’s discover strategies and coping ideas that can provide some insight to help navigate through these difficult times you’re facing. Maybe even find clarity out of complexity.

As for those who keep trying to re-route themselves or figure out just exactly where you got lost at. Guess what, it’s not a bad idea. In fact, that’s probably what all of us should try and do. Because seriously, we all wander and get off the path. We all at some point realize we’re in unfamiliar or unknown territory….and even the best GPS devices can’t help get us out.

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