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Vision Impaired

We shouldn’t consider it an unusual thing that we all wear glasses when we see. This of course doesn’t mean our literal glasses we may or may not wear, but that all of us have a particular vision when it comes to how we see. You could also switch out the word, and use ‘concept’. In the previous blog where grace was described as an element needed to get through the maze, so in this this article I’d like to introduce another element, mainly that of vision.

As a reader of this blog, or as a participant in a transition or recovery program; even as a client or staff of Judy House – we all carry this vision of how we see things. Each one of us carries a particular concept. Principally, our view reflects the type of person we are.

How does this happen? Or, from where does this begin? Surely there are concepts (and views) that we all bring in. We bring ’em into work, into relationships, into programs. The attitudes, experiences, backgrounds, and upbringing all play a major part of our vision. And no two are alike.

It’s not a matter that we need to remove our glasses, it’s that we must recognize that they’re on our head. The glasses themselves are merely an instrument for viewing – and often are needed. The vision on the other hand is what makes all the difference. Have you ever noticed that others see things differently? Some see a glass half-full while others may see it as half empty; called sometimes world view. Views that can be viewed… well, only in a certain way.

Hope and perspective also, can often be viewed in a different light or range. Now, it seems like vision over time should get better, but often it actually worsens with age. Many times our vision gets wrecked from an incident or accident as has been damaged in some way.

Glasses can help protect us when our eyes have been compromised in some way. It’s possible too that we use these glasses to protect our view, (even when we don’t need them) from further damage. If we don’t want to reflect the type of person we are, we should consider removing our glasses.

The range of need for good eyesight always seems to come out from a distinct chronic state we might find ourselves in over and over. The need to see or experience differently than last time can have a visually damaging effect if our glasses are not adjusted properly.

Practically speaking, the elements of true color and meaning could become visibly better especially when we can acknowledge that our need (to see better) is always the way to move forward through what might still be for us the maze of life. And, even if we age, we’ve probably now at least learned that our vision will always be clear enough to know – hope always lies beyond a program, and not just within.


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