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  Transformational Housing Program and Outreach

“Assessing the dynamics involved is complex” describes Paul, the Ministry’s program manager who strives to identify some of the factors that lead to being disconnected. Potentially those such as “influences to make poor decisions, and excessive use of drugs, and alcohol can often be a start, but not an end in themselves”. Though seemingly short and simple, however the way out is not always as easily stated.

“People can’t go it alone, and so Judy House believes that healthy relationships and positive leadership are critical. Effective transition requires relationships, and that’s why our program meets people where they are with resourceful information and residential transition to help navigate their crisis.”

2018 Jackson EMC Foundation Annual Report

The ministry offers a family-setting and support to help clients successfully reintegrate back into the community. Some seek short-term emergency housing while those who need long-term housing may stay a year until they get a reliable job that enables them to maintain a home.

Clients are welcome to stay as long as they meet house rules, according to Paul. A weekly program fee is required, and clients must be gainfully employed and help maintain the house. Daily accountability groups are deeply structured, and clients are expected to take part in after-meal devotions.

“Our goal is to reconnect men with God, their immediate families, jobs, and the community,” says Paul. Almost all of the men who leave Judy House as success stories remain successful, according to its leaders.

“We feel like we have a model that’s working and would like to expand it to help more people transition into stability and community,” Dan, who directs the ministry, concludes. Hard working, effective, tax-paying citizens who’ve learned that while the program is for them, it’s not about them, but serving the next man.




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