Our mission of “Reconciling the Disconnected” is far more reaching than simply providing a temporary shelter from the cold or rain.

The Judy House believes that healthy relationships and positive leadership are critical guides for those entangled amidst the anxiety and distractions of navigating a crisis.  We are not only a beacon of hope, in a sense we also are a lifeboat that exists for those who are lost in a raging storm.

Our obligation to help build a healthier community comes through a request help outreach, and a transitional/reentry type housing program.

  1. Request help outreach makes available the right information when you call or visit the website. It’s amazing how intentional conversation and provisional help can get men and women connected to answers, solutions, and a path to sustainability. More than just phone help, our outreach of temporary services can connect people to hope and support. Just like with updated knowledge and consistently updating web information, partnerships with other agencies, and learning about new services available, all this gives people an anchor in times of adversity.
  2. Transitional Housing services are for those who’ve been released from corrective programs and those chronically homeless in the Greater Gwinnett area. It’s a family-setting safe house environment with relational support, tools, and hope to establish people through the transitional process to gain a foothold as they reintegrate back into the community.  Deeply structured daily accountability groups with regards to communication performance and reaching personal expectations of one’s hopes and dreams.


  • Arrivals (clients) without any plan of action are limited to one (1) night of provision. Clients without Identification are also subject to receive either one night, or no admittance.
  • Clients of any type will not arrive with more than the maximum amount of clothing allowed. All bags and personal belongings will be inventoried upon entrance.
  • Two phase interview screening process is used to determine whether persons can be a suitable fit.
  • Plans of action are required upon entrance, which include personal contact for emergency, personal mentor/ sponsor, expectations (work, finance, personal improvements, etc.) and a display of initiative.
  • Program fees ($150) are required prior to beginning of each week. Persons can no longer be accepted with outstanding balance of two (2) weeks.
  • Must be capable of being gainfully employed.
  • Isolation, lack of communication, and lack of participation are sufficient signs to consider moving participants into other recommended programs away from Judy House.
  • Previous participants are discouraged from re-entering (though not excluded) due to familiarity and prone to feel exclusivity. Special consideration only.
  • All clients and participants must be 30-days clean and sober prior to entrance (and during stay). Special considerations only.
  • All long term housing, requires $150 application fee, and equal amount program fee. Special waivers may be considered upon intake interviews.

Please fill out Contact Form first to inquire of availability.