Emergency Housing —Just being off the streets for a night is helpful to many. (Please call for availability). Men will receive a safe, clean, quiet place for overnight accommodations. They’ll receive fresh hot meals, shower, clean linens, and resource counseling.

Resource Counseling —Whether you choose to stay at our place we’ll always offer the best possible counsel to resourceful information and guidance to suitable housing possibilities for each particular situation.

Long Term Preparation —Those wanting to reconnect back to the community, we offer a 6 month program (w/ fees), to include daily accountability groups that teach the pillars of social relationships while learning to sustain for your future.


  • Identifying information (name, DOB, social security number)
  • Current living situation
  • Current or past use of social services
  • Domestic violence and/or child abuse screening
  • Educational and vocational background
  • Employment history
  • Financial situation including receipt of public benefits and health insurance
  • Legal status
  • Self assessment of family barriers and challenges
  • Self assessment of family strengths, resources, social support systems
  • Substance abuse screening
  • All medications brought must be evaluated and approved.

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