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It’s a Matter of Time

artist under inspiration

James much like all of us, find ourselves disconnected with what we thought life might bring us. The desire to have a bright future was sidelined by the peer pressures around us.

His road to sustainability began with a downward turn from being involved with Meth; a hard to shake narcotic which causes us to lose families, jobs, and opportunity. Nearly half his life used up by its power, James was confronted once again with jail. Places where the confines can make you consider consequence and deliberations.

Peer pressure can shape and mold us to feel empty, dark and hopeless.

The pursuit for addiction is survival; and until something promising comes along, we feel less trusting of ourselves and others. When we met with James and his daughter, his past seemed to mark him as an outcast. His trust broken from empty promise. All anyone can think of is when. Not if, but when.

Judy House took the risk/ reward gamble that if he was willing to put in the hard work it would take, he could model a leading example others in his struggle could relate to.

Since coming to Judy House he has exceeded perhaps his own expectations to connect back with his daughter and mother. To get a job that has real potential, a willingness to participate in Bible-studies and Church – his eyes are now open to the places God is giving him to discuss the difficult roads others are still traveling on.

Having identity is more than just a newly gotten card (yeah) it’s a picture of freedom and responsibility. We all want to be part of a whole, and because we don’t recognize the privilege of relationship we may not understand how important it is to get and maintain them.

The effort of getting a sturdy foundation is essential to a solid future. Bad decisions may chip away all that makes us up as persons, but it’s never the final display. James, like all of us, is still a work under construction.

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