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Finding Unity Through Diversity

To say that oneness is indivisible is what the Creator had in mind in the beginning. While all of our world views may not align – this one truth is quite evident when embracing most ideals.

Whether you describe a school, university, or family, or a church these institutions clearly hold a regard for being inseperable in purpose.

In this current season of life we are finding many views, and in fact we’ve all sort of become experts at many areas we never thought much interest in before. And now we’d like for everyone to hear exactly how we see a solution for your life, as opposed to mine.

Pictures we have in mind, such as the photo above may paint a bright moment or two depending how long one gazes at it. Yet the truth is, if we too would stare at what we could consider hope in such a manner as to become a reality then the actions of our belief would follow.

In serving customers and clients the bottom line is obvious. But when we think about serving others with different views, perspectives, or beliefs the diversity is legible. Is hope then just a runaway success that we hold in the recess of our mind, or is unity in diversity possible and how do actions begin to follow belief?

It’s one thing to think about helping others, it’s another to actually act. This blurring of boundaries is exactly what keeps us unified because there’s a chance we can then celebrate the moments when we ourselves are actually uncertain, and we’re not really experts, and guess what – others don’t need to know how they should act.

Putting aside doesn’t make it less likely, putting aside fosters hope that together we really are better.

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