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Every Story is Worthwhile

Rob, a typical suburban husband, father, salesman. Works hard each day at supplying fiscal security for his family. However, he’s disconnected because of alcohol. He fails to spend the quality time required with his family. Because of the driving pressures to succeed, he seeks relief in the form of addiction as with many of us trying to manage lifestyle.

Through fabricated domestic abuse charges, Rob now finds himself faced with the correctional world for which he knows nothing. Released and sober after completing classes inside, he’s aware his social and economic circle could provide the means and support to maintain his transition, but sitting around in a motel room will also lead him wanting to drink.

After hearing about the model of transition at Judy House he knows more than ever how much he needs others to help keep him accountable. His involvement of being transparent and learning to communicate added value to a working model. Rob was since graduated and moved to California to be with family where he has returned to sales, church attendance, and weekly accountability groups.



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