What We Do

Our Why

We infinitely compete against ourselves to be a polished model of personalized care. Holding each person to be accountable for decision making is based on the knowledge that every element of transition requires relationships. Judy House Ministry has implemented a Transitional Services program based on the expectations that go along with accountability and communication.

We by design believe that in order to get re-coupled back to one’s family, the marketplace, and/ or the community, then our relationship spiritually has to be repaired first, and then equipping those in transition to communicate better, and have measurable expectations.

Our work in Metro Atlanta is not our main topic but has caused us to become the initial responders for many agencies to contact in fields such as: prisons, jails, mental health treatment, cooperative ministries, etc. We might receive 40 – 60 calls per month from clients, families, disconnected men and women who are in need of resourceful information for which we can provide. It’s our pleasure to serve them.

Each participant has different goals, needs, and personality. Each has the capacity to enhance their own quality of life by making better choices with their time, opportunities, and allocations. Our goal as a ministry is to reduce recidivism one life at a time.

With our increased efficiencies, our community receives benefit by us being a model for others in how transitioning can be most effective. At the very heart, relationships with people are foundational for getting reconnected back into a community because communities are made up of people relationally.



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