What We Do


Our Mission Statement

Judy House Ministry is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to provide opportunity to enhance the quality of life for the men who are chronically homeless or recently left a corrective program, to move toward sustainability and discover effective reentry back into the local community.

We exist to provide effective programs motivated by our core values of understanding, dedication, empathy, and sensitivity to serve a vulnerable population that faces challenges while being disconnected. We do this based on our ability and capacity to serve where we can.

Our Vision-

Seeking to leverage every service opportunity to bring help and hope to those who struggle with having nowhere to reside; developing paths from which others may learn, live, and lead from to produce a healthier, stronger community.

Call to discover what long-term placement and services provides.

Community Involvement:

We’re striving everyday to network with others so we can provide adequate connections and placement for our clients. We put ourselves around the most innovative techniques possible. We do all these things to help create a healthier environment for the next generation.

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