How We Listen

The Calls

Every one of us wants an answer. We all want someone to encourage us with a hopeful future. We believe the best way to give resourceful information is to give attention to those navigating crisis. The topic of how many calls we field monthly can be well above 40+, however it fails in importance to actually being actively present in the reconnecting of people back into the community.

The Kindness

Every person needs a place of safety, and looks for a tower of hope, and it excites us to be operating a Transitional Service program. While changing landscapes are a standard part of life, our ministry remembers how every phase of transition requires others for it to become clearly manageable. Put together, it creates an environment with relational support, tools, and hope that helps establish people through the periods of change.

The Keys

Providing an affordable opportunity to re-couple those who’ve been disconnected back to vital relationships, takes partners such as yourself to continue to afford this kind of consideration for the next person. We believe ministry spotlight on an individual is extremely important, but focus on others gives each of us better perspective. We feel that people are always relationships waiting to be developed, and not just puzzles wanting to be solved.