How We Listen

The Calls

Receiving 60+ calls per month is where our services program begins. Having updated resources is helpful and can certainly be time consuming, but alleviates the pressure upon the community regarding jail and housing recidivism. So we feel this is where the valuable work really starts.

In our short history, we’ve housed some 25 men in our long term program. While a majority of continued their transition pursuant of their own means, we feel we still made effective inroads in terms of teaching communication, expectations, and accountability skills.

The Kindness

The remainder (some 100+) for which we supplied emergency housing; their transition was part of a larger continuum. Placing them with more effective agencies which could handle specific matters and caseloads we found was a matter of best practices.

We find through feedback, our work of service is of extreme value and importance for the benefit of any community, and search the Greater Gwinnett area for partnerships that will help meet the needs of our clients.

The Keys

Inviting key players, ministries, and agencies to bring to the table of discussion, and listening to strategies that can make concrete action possible in our work of personalized care, is certainly fueling our drive to be a model agency for how transitioning services are done.