• Is this a Men’s shelter?

No, unfortunately we’re not. We will help shelter someone from the elements if space is available. There are No shelters currently in Gwinnett, but call us and see if we can help with information on other options available.

  • What are the Requirements?

Some of the basic requirements are to have a current GA ID, be 30 days clean and sober, capable of gainful employment, and be willing to participate in accountability groups and weekly Church attendance. You should really call to find out more specific information, and what type housing we can connect you with.

  • Is this a Rehab program or more like a Halfway House?

Actually, neither one. Our resident transition is more of a transformational program that requires you are consistent in your growth toward sustainability. This is more of a family setting. There aren’t a bunch of counselors, so you’ll have to know what it takes to make it happen. This is strictly second step program, but here you’ll find others who offer the needed support and resources.

  • What kind of programs do you offer?

We wnat to invest in a quality relationship. That means as we learn about each other, we can invest and improve your outlook and expectations. That’s a bit better, as it makes you feel more like you’re a family member. There’s also job search support, money management, and effective decision making in our offering. But engaging in the meal sharing and daily devotions is where accountability and transparencey help the most.

  • What is the cost for the Transformational Housing program?

After a 2-part interview process, you may find yourself accepted into the housing. There is a $150 weekly program fee due at beginning of each week, along with an equal Application fee required upon entrance. (No, this is not a security deposit)

  • What if I don’t have the money?

We understand. At times we have an indigent bed available, however you must use our Contact Us page and set up an interview or call (678) 752-8731 and chaeck availability.

  • Is there any other help available to me?

Sure. We receive many type of requests. We just need to know your specifics and be able to provide solutions for you. Connecting you to more structured or specialized service is how we help.

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