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Our Why

Because we believe that every element of effective transition requires relationships- we have put together a transitional service program that meets people right where they are with resourceful information and residential transition to help navigate the crisis. People cannot just go it alone. More is always achieved when doing it together, than any one can ever do it alone.

We infinitely compete against ourselves to be a polished model of personalized care. Transformational housing is long term transition within a residence, that brings others into view so that it’s a matter of learning the value of service and ridding our want to just consume services.

Holding each person to be accountable for their decision making is based on the knowledge that every element of transition requires engaging and accountable relationships. Judy House Ministry has put together a Transitional Services program based on the expectations that go along with transparency and communication.

Nothing can be more important than the vital relationships we’ve often burned. Getting reconnected to family, jobs, and the community – there first must be spiritual restoration. Each participant has different goals, needs, and personality. Each has the capacity to enhance their own quality of life by making better choices with their time, opportunities, and allocations.

Our work in Metro Atlanta is not our main topic but has pressed us to become the initial responders for many agencies to contact such as: prisons, jails, mental health treatment, cooperative ministries, etc. We might receive 40 – 60 calls per month from clients, families, disconnected men and women who are in need of resourceful information for which we’re happy to provide. Our goal as a ministry is to reduce recidivism one life at a time. To provide help and hope in a time of need.




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