About Us


Consider our Why

What does the concept of transition look like?

For the average person, it means to do whatever it takes to make it. With all our effort. Often embarrassed to admit our critical situation to others creates a pocket of stress untold.

In moments when I’m feeling most isolated, displaced with pain or even a bit reminded that I’m out of place somewhat, I am the also then most conscious of my belonging elsewhere.

Painfully aware as if you’re being outside some circle – can be both a humbling and humiliating experience. A great distance filled with the sober thought I am out of place.


Every one of us wants certain things. We want answers. We want significance. We want to be part of whole. A collaborative meeting was initiated in 2013 to address the topic and a growing need for men exiting various state and local corrective programs, along with those suffering chronic homelessness in the Greater Gwinnett area.

The thought to provide a clean, quiet, safe house was our solution.

It’s true. Every one of us wants an answer. Needs a place of safety, and looks for a tower of hope. People cannot just go it alone. More is always achieved when doing it together, than one can ever do it alone. Because we believe that every element of effective transition requires relationships- we have put together a transitional service program that meets people right where they are with resourceful information to help navigate the crisis.

It is because of the personal ministry efforts of Dan Capobianco who is the Director for Judy House Ministry. How this name was chosen was in remembrance for his wife Judy, whose passing inspired the very logic that out of her death there could be given life to the many.

Russell Gray, a community pastor and organizer heading up the Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance. His involvement has put Judy House in touch with the various community supervised agencies, for us to do the work in the trenches, and to be a reliable service provider.

Paul Epperson is the program’s manager tirelessly working to leverage a unique service for participants; one that involves the contending and compelling story needed in the art of personalized care.